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The Science of Black Friday Shopping

There’s this thing we do as a family. We approach it in a scientific manner. Research is done and comparisons are charted and documented. A route is developed, a driver and vehicle assigned, and the location of coffee shops along said route scouted.

Black Friday Shopping. Yes, that is Shopping with a capital “S.”

Thanksgiving Day we overeat and stuff ourselves on all the foods, watch so much football and so many holiday movies that our eyes should fall out, play board games galore, and ENJOY LIFE as a family.

In the midst of cooking and washing dishes, advertisements come out and cover the table like a special Thanksgiving Day tablecloth. We trade papers and make lists based on what we see. Laptops are produced and CyberMonday deals considered. We decide the order of businesses we will patronize, including coffee shops, breakfast, and lunch breaks. As the kids know all the secrets of the holidays they do not hesitate to point out their coveted gifts, even searching multiple ads to find the best price, hopefully sealing the deal. They also know what their cousins are desiring and help aunties find gifts so wanted by nieces and nephews. The teamwork is something to behold.

I know the holidays aren’t about getting gifts. But there is something special in infusing magic into the day we chose gifts for family and friends. The kids are giddy upon our return to see if we fulfilled their cousins’ wishes, hoping to get the hint their wish was granted as well.

One year my daughter helped out by letting me know I got the wrong thing for her cousin. It was just a little off and we were able to return it before our gathering. She didn’t want her cousin to be disappointed and kindly asked if it would be okay to shop together so she could show me exactly what to get. The thing that spoke to me about her actions was her desire to see her cousin happy—not that I got the wrong brand of something. My girl quickly pointed out her cousin would like what I got but she knew she ‘really’ had been hoping for this. The thoughtfulness my children display reaffirms I am teaching my children to be giving, considerate individuals.

As the holidays approach, I am looking forward to the smiling faces of family and friends.

There is always a lot to be done but the joy and pure love I see from my family make my heart sing.

Here’s to the start of a wonderful winter season!

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