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Best Buy Xbox One Minecraft Bundle

Why yes, it is the holiday season!

In case you’ve been stuck under a Christmas tree the holidays are here faster than you know it.  As a mom to an eight-year-old it just gets harder to find out what they really want every year, isn’t it?  Between a kitten and an Xbox One—I don’t even know what to get.  But I do know that the kitten grows into a cat one day and that may very well not be as cool as it was on Christmas day, right?

My friends at Best Buy have told me all about a bundle that I bet my boy Boston would love.  It’s the Xbox One Minecraft Bundle.  Boston has been watching Stumpy on YouTube for years.  So the thought of Minecraft is only natural for him.  The great part of Minecraft is the ability to build and explore exciting new worlds.  In case you didn’t know, Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures.  You get to explore randomly generated worlds and build very cool things from the simplest of homes to a giant castle.  You can play in Creative Mode or Survival Mode.  Creative mode is just that – a place for creativity and exploration.  But Survival Mode?  It’s serious battle time!  Crafting weapons & armor to fend off the bad guys.  What’s cool about Xbox is they do it alone or with friends.

Best Buy carries a ton of Minecraft stuff so being able to pick up the bundle AND more Minecraft goodies for Santa? Deal for sure. I don’t know about you but running around to different stores makes me crazy.  I’d rather pop in one and get it done!

What is the hero item for your kids this holiday season?



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