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Summer Survival Guide: Backyard Toys

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Oh ya know, another day of hustlin’. HA! Just kidding, but I adore Jennaphr Frederick not just cause she lets me hang with her on TV – but cause she’s just FREAKING FUN!! So is Karen Hepp and of course Mike Jerrick. They are all really great peeps in my book.

This morning Jennaphr Frederick and I talked about great products for backyard fun with your kids!

Here are the best backyard toys:


This brand is the LEADER in outdoor fun! You can use this product for some back door fun in the shade! We’ve been playing with their products for years. Many years. LOVE them!



CLOUD B – Cosmic UFO
We have at LEAST 10 Cloud B products in our house at any given time! lol Seriously. This product is really great for the ‘older’ kids that are “too cool” for a special night light.



LAY-N-GO Lifestyle
The Lay-n-Go family of products are what makes me a parenting hack. ha! Really though, this product is the fastest, most effective way to pick up your kids stuff. The Lay-n-Go Lifestyle is a great product to backpack it all over town!


Seedlings has the best crafting kids available for kids. My favorites are: Design Your Own Birdhouse, Color My Adventure Satchel, Ancient Treasures Archeological Dig, The Great Adventures Kit, Design Your Own Bow and Arrow Kit and so much more!


This is their new design to an old classic! Made in the USA – this brand is awesome. AFFORDABILITY is my middle name!


FIRETEK Bow and Rocket Zing Toy

I love when the family from Zing Toys sends me some serious BOY MOM fun! Or girl mom… they have a pretty purple one too! The “Air Huntress” is for the girlies too!

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