As a psychologist, I often reflect on the things that make people happy (or rather, “content.” No one is actually “happy” all the time). Through my work I get glimpses into the things that matter—the behaviors and ways of thinking that lead to satisfaction, and those that lead to misery.  AndContinue Reading

“So what was your favorite part of vacation?” I asked my six-year-old near the end of our July road trip. My son started giggling. “The time when you randomly took off your dress in front of all of us and even in front of nana and papa and the tourContinue Reading

We all have ‘crazy’ moments. It was the middle of the 2015 blizzard affectionately referred to by Marylanders as “snowmaggedon.” Naturally, my husband and I felt it was a good idea to schlep our three kids through three-feet-deep snow on a three-mile-round-trip hike. Good sledding hills are an important partContinue Reading