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Angelica Shiels is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in the Baltimore-Annapolis-DC area. She sees adults, couples, teens, and kids. Dr. Shiels is also a wife and a mother of three young boys. When she isn't ninja-fighting, catching frogs, or cleaning messes around the toilet, she enjoys spending time on her own couch, which she wishes was yellow, but is actually brown and falling apart on account of three milk-spilling ninjas. You can find her On the Yellow Couch and on Facebook.

20 Life Lessons I Want my Kids to Learn

As a psychologist, I often reflect on the things that make people happy (or rather, “content.” No one is actually “happy” all the time). Through my work I get glimpses into the things that matter—the...

Dear Mom and Dad (A Letter from Your ADHD Kid)

The first day of school has just passed. You adjusted my IEP at the end of last year and requested that I get the teacher who also has a son with ADHD.

My Babysitter Keeps Me Sane Every Winter

As a working mother, when the kids are sick, I'm stressed. I'm lucky my fantastic babysitter keeps me sane with the winter bugs.

Why I Let My Kids Talk Back To Me

A psychologist explains why it's important to let kids talk back. Even though it's harder in the short-term, the long-term benefits are worth it.

That Time I Stripped (and Saved the Day)

“So what was your favorite part of vacation?” I asked my six-year-old near the end of our July road trip. My son started giggling. “The time when you randomly took off your dress in...

The ‘Crazy’ Moments (As Told by a Psychologist)

We all have ‘crazy’ moments. It was the middle of the 2015 blizzard affectionately referred to by Marylanders as “snowmaggedon.” Naturally, my husband and I felt it was a good idea to schlep our...