A Love Letter to My Last Child

Dear last child of mine, You are the last baby I will hold, the last baby whose soft body I will smell, the last one I will feed and comfort at night.

Big And Happy

I must have been ten years old when I overheard an older cousin of mine

Doing Less Has Changed My Life

One day, I came home with my kids, and for the first time ever, did nothing. They were shocked, but no one died. Doing less has changed my life.

my absolute best

I Am Doing My Absolute Best

We’re constantly told what we’re doing wrong in raising our children, and I for one am really sick of it. I’m doing my absolute best.

C-Sections are Beautiful

I recently heard a story about a photographer refusing to document a C-section birth, because

Where Is The Love?

I woke up this morning and heard the devastating news about the events that took