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Heather LeRoss is the two-time award-winning author of Just Tell Me I’m Pretty: Musings on a Messy Life. Visit now and download three FREE chapters of the hilarious book that was dubbed, “Best book I’ve EVER read,” by Heather’s Mom. You can also follow her on Facebook.

Only Eighteen Christmases

Eighteen gets to be a gut-wrenchingly small number when you realize that’s the number of times you have to make significant memories with your kids.

BREAKING: Dads Can Receive Emails and Make Decisions Too!

Upydeeh Day School* is reeling this week after a mom emailed the principal with shocking news that her son’s father can also receive emails and make decisions.

When It Comes to the Environment, Small Changes Add Up

I've been watching news about our climate crisis for a while. It terrifies me. I have kids, I want grandkids, and I want them safe.

I Like My Mom Better When She’s Stoned

My mom has decided now that she’s 71, it’s time to say f-you to what people think and embrace the freedom that comes with being 71 and not caring. This recently included a trip...

What Do Men Really Want for Father’s Day?

In order to figure out what to get my husband for Father's Day, I asked male neighbors and friends what they wanted. The consensus?

A Love Letter to My Sons’ Bonus Mom

I never imagined my kids would have a "bonus mom" when I started my family. I’m now so grateful that you're here for them now.

I’ll Never Be Invited to a Neighborhood Party Again

I have anxiety about partying with folks I don’t know well, so when the invitation to the neighborhood party came, my anxiety (and awkwardness) came out.

He Didn’t Want to Take The Pills…So I Lied

My son didn't want to take the pills, but despite my reservations, I lied and told him they were safe. And because I am his mom, he believed me.

9 Things You Need To Know To Coparent After Divorce

I was chatting with a friend about the differences in the way we coparent with our exes. “You and your ex have it easy. I wish we could."

My Son Thinks I Don’t Care

My son wouldn’t meet my eyes but I could see the tears in his, “It doesn’t matter,” he said. But I heard him, it did matter.