Becoming a ‘Real’ Mom

I have always loved The Velveteen Rabbit, to the point where I decorated my baby’s nursery with illustrations from a paperback version I bought expressly for tearing it apart.

5 Things I Learned During my Breast MRI

I slid into a tube, on my knees, draped over a barrel. With my head tucked in, arms stretched ahead Super Girl style, my hooters hung out like socks on a clothesline.

The Truth Is, I Don’t Know Your Struggle

I don’t know your struggle. This doesn’t mean I don’t care about it. I am glad to listen, should you chose to tell me. What it means is, I don’t have the experience of your life to put this moment in context. Without meaning this to be dismissive, I frankly don’t see “the struggle” as the total of your life’s story. And while it may be real, my struggle isn’t all of my story.