A New Season of Parenting: Moving to College

If this “Yo-Yo Mom” has learned nothing else in this season of parenting, it’s that the return never lasts long enough. So I plan to relish our time together. I’m going to ignore the messes, deal with the erratic sleep schedule, and spend the time making his favorite meals.

13 Reasons You Should Watch 13 Reasons Why

When you watch 13 Reasons Why (it’s more detailed and different from the book), it will (hopefully) start a discussion about the tough topics with your teens. Whether they’re 13 or 18, they’re either going to be dealing with ALL of these issues or already have.

The Financial Rewards of Having A Boy Going to Prom

After successfully navigating prom season with three daughters who attended a combined seven proms, I began a new chapter of parenting, this time from the boy’s perspective, despite his very best efforts to keep me in the dark.

Is Body Positivity Just Another Thing I’m Failing?

The problem with this messy and complicated relationship with food and weight is that for me, the quest for body positivity looks a lot like Sisyphus rolling that rock up the hill—minus the cardio, leaving only the struggle.

5 Reasons I Deserve MORE on Mother’s Day

When you were ten, I was thrilled at the Dollar Store finds. And while I still own those trinkets and cherish their sweet garishness, you’ve outgrown the gaudy gift phase. And after what you put me through, I deserve more on Mother’s Day…

#RealityMoms Favorite Books International Children’s Book Day

Although the use of e-readers and other digital platforms is on the rise, a 2016 survey found that 65% of Americans preferred printed books. And our #RealityMoms writers will tell you that a love of books and reading started in childhood. So for International Children’s Books Day, who better to ask which books kids love the most?