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Whitney Fleming is a marketing consultant, freelance writer and mom to three tween girls. She blogs about parenting, relationships and w(h)ine on her blog, Playdates on Fridays, where she talks about serious stuff, without taking herself too seriously. In her free time, she tries to dispel the rumor that she is a typical suburban mom despite the fact that she is often seen driving her minivan to soccer practices and PTA meetings. Go visit her site at Playdates on Fridays or find her on Facebook or Twitter.

The Firsts That Come in the Tween Years

As our kids grow, the firsts come less frequently and the time stretched between them lengthen. We don't celebrate the later milestones.

Children Are Meant to be Unfinished

I have to fight the urge to “fix” my daughter, fight the desire to change who she is. Because children are meant to be unfinished.

Love Them Like You’re Going to Lose Them

"Our neighbor's daughter died, it was a freak accident and they are out of town...their son witnessed the whole thing... Do you have any advice to share?"
i want the village

I Want You in my Village, But Not Too Much

The village can be judgemental - If you are too hands-on you’re a helicopter mom; if you let your son or daughter roam you’re reckless and negligent.

When Facebook Reminds Me I’m a Crappy Mom

On some days, my Facebook Memories seem to suggest that I am crappy mom. On others, I am awesome. Facebook tells me that too.

Dear Mermaids: Body Image is not a Trend

At the beach this summer, I saw two young teens snapping photos at the edge of the water. The pair giggled at first, trying to get just the right shot with the ocean in...

Gym Clothes and Participation Trophies

Take your kids something they forgot, you are not teaching them responsibility. Help with homework, you are a Tiger Mom. Go overboard on a school project, you’re doing it to make yourself look good....

Why This Prude Mother Is Sticking Up for Teen Vogue

The Internet is losing its mind over a recent Teen Vogue article about anal sex, with the crusade leader (a fellow parenting blogger) encouraging people to burn any copies of the magazine they can...

The Words She Keeps

I was in eighth grade when I overheard a group of boys discussing their female classmates in the library. I sat frozen in a cubby desk hidden from their view. I attempted to finish...

The Firsts That Come in the Tween Years

In motherhood, there are so many “firsts” that take your breath away. That first time your baby laughs. The first steps a toddler takes to your outstretched arms. The first time your son takes...