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Monica Matthews is the author of “How to Win College Scholarships.” She helped her own son win over $100,000 in college scholarships and now shares her expertise with other parents and their students. She truly has “been there, done that" in regards to helping parents and students navigate the scholarship process. Her method of helping students in finding college scholarships, writing unique and compelling scholarship essays, creating amazing scholarship application packets and more, have taught desperate parents to help their own students win thousands of scholarship dollars. Her scholarship tips have been featured on several websites and she has been dubbed the "Go To" expert on college scholarships. You can find her scholarship guide and tips at How To Win College Scholarships.

Saving Money When Your Child Goes Away To College

Sending a student away to college is life-changing for parents and students. It's still possible to save money when your child goes away to college.

My Last Kid Goes to College Next Year…I’m Not Ready

I have been staunchly avoiding declaring all of the "lasts" as his senior year in high school sails by at a pace so fast that I can hardly keep up.

Volunteerism: How to Raise Your Kids to be the Helpers

When kids see their parents volunteering for various causes, they consider it the norm. We help people--it’s just what we do. We volunteer as a family.
summer scholarship motivation strategies

5 Smart Summer Scholarship Motivation Strategies

For college-bound students, summer is the best time to work on scholarship motivation strategies - to get a jump on the game before school starts.

How to Choose Who Will Write Your Letter of Recommendation Writer for College Scholarships

Students seeking college scholarship money need to think long and hard about who they ask to write their letters of recommendation.
summer scholarship motivation strategies

5 Smart Summer Scholarship Motivation Strategies

Summer to teens is like a free pass to forget school exists and indulge in beach days, sleeping in, and video gaming until their thumbs demand a rest. But for college-bound students, taking advantage...

12 Most Exasperating Responses Teens Bestow on Their Parents

Surviving the teenage years is something every parent must go through, no matter how hard we try to avoid it. Sometimes it softens the blow when we try to find the humor in this...