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Nicole is a divorced mom of three, Realtor, and an expert procrastinator. She enjoys long walks to the kitchen where she tries to remember what the hell she came in there for in the first place. In her abundant free time she likes to share about parenting, divorce, single motherhood, and her experiences raising a young transgender child on her site, MomTransparenting. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Learning To Live Alone After Divorce

A false alarm reminded me that this was just one of the uncharted and scary territories I was entering now that I was alone in the house without a partner.

You’re Body Shaming Chrissy Teigen? Give Your Head A Shake.

Last week, supermodel Chrissy Teigen was photographed with husband John Legend in the background, and he appears to be cringing.

A Boy Who Wears Nail Polish is Just That…

We live in a world where boys can wear their mother's heels and it's encouraged. Unless they identify as trans. Then it means they're confused.

How I Explained Addiction to My Kids

There were some things in I wasn't prepared to parent through. Having to explain their father's struggles with addiction to my kids was one of those things.

“Real” Women Facepalm as Victoria’s Secret Touts “Plus-Sized” Angel

Rumors this week were spread that Victoria's Secret's Angel Squad has a "real woman" in their line up - a plus-sized model.

I Got Divorced and I Have No Regrets

By the time my divorce was over, I didn't feel the huge sense of loss I expected would come with losing someone in your life in that way.

I Let My Kids Destroy Our House So I Can Stay Sane

I used to be a mom who kept a very clean house. But after kid two, and then kid three, I had to learn to let some things go.

6 Reasons You’ll Have To Pry Social Media From My Cold, Dead Hands

My social feed is FULL of people who have decided to take a "break" from social media "for their mental health." I call bull$hit.

This Valentine’s Day, Skip the Roses: Get Something She Really Wants

Valentine's Day gives you a good excuse to thoughtfully shower those you love with appreciation and remind them that they matter.

10 Reasons I Love Getting Older

After the year I had I have realized that even though having a birthday does mean I am aging, being older definitely has its perks.