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Katie Peake

Katie Peake

Katie is on hiatus from corporate Manhattan to dedicate some time to motherhood. She is blogging about the sh!t that is helping new parenthood seem less chaotic for her family at Sh!t That Worked for Us and sharing ideas on how to organize all that sh!t at MOMganized. She and her husband, Carlyle, offer no guarantee that the Sh!t That Worked For Us will work for other parents, and any parenting advice offered on STWFU or MOMganized is purely anecdotal.

Literally Everyone Tells Parents How Hard It Is

Literally everyone will tell you how hard it is. Our own mothers and fathers were among the first to remind us during some tumultuous moment in our upbringing that we weren’t delivered with manuals.

The Light You Seek

We were pregnant together in 2016. Our six children were born within four months of each other. One of our six babies would be born with Down syndrome.