The Duchess of Cambridge Not a Real Mom

If you follow the British Monarchy in any way then you know that the beautiful Kate, Duchess of Cambridge popped out a happy, healthy bouncing baby boy. She’s an awesome mom and shares seriously awesome real-life moments.

No Regrets: You Need To Live Your Motherhood Your Way

“Stop telling me that my damn kid is going to grow up fast and I’m going to miss this stage!” I actually used to scream that in my head when someone told me that I should just ’embrace it’, because one of these days they will be grown and I’ll look back and regret that I wished it away.

Postpartum Depression Stole Her Life

I wish I would have known more about postpartum depression then. I wish I would have tried harder to be a better friend to her. I remember the friends in our circle shunning her for her behavior.

My Favorite Yoga Inspired Outfits

At least I try. When it comes to my mom yoga wear – I can’t even believe I’m officially “that” mom. We all know we have an entire wardrobe of fitness attire!

Why Your Baby Poops

Remember when you had a baby and you started your obsession with poop? I know