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Lauren is a mom to a toddler and a veterinary pharmacist during the day. She's also the mom behind the blog My Favorite Job Title Is Mom, a wife, equestrian, ice cream lover and occasional hot mess. Find Lauren at My Favorite Job Title Is Mom or on YouTube.

Meal Planning is Impossible Now I’m a Mom

When it was just my husband and myself, it was SO easy to meal plan. We'd sit down once a week. But now we have a's impossible.

Are Vaccines Safe During Pregnancy?

From both my role as a pharmacist and as a mom, I know there is also a lot of misinformation floating around about the safety of vaccinations.

Sorry I’m Busy–But Please Don’t Stop Asking

Yes, I know you have invited me out for drinks with the group every Friday for the past month. Yes, I have had a different excuse every week why I can’t join you. But...

The Many Dimensions of Mom Guilt When You’re a Working Mom

Mom guilt is not something I ever thought I would struggle with. I loved my career and grew up with two parents who worked long hours. I turned out fine, so why would my...

Why Can’t We Talk About Mental Illness?

Why is mental illness not talked about? Why must people reach an incredible low before those around them accept the need for medication?