When Parenting Took Over my Marriage

Every new parent goes through that phase when marriage inadvertently crawls to sulk in a dark corner of the basement, hidden by cobwebs, grieving alone.

Money Management 101 for College Kids

I graduated high school with a ton of bad advice on establishing a credit rating and almost no concept of financial planning beyond “How to Operate a Savings Account.” I don’t want my kids to do that.

Mama, It Is Enough

There is a height chart on the wall reminding me that I didn’t do the “parenting thing” I planned to do.

Divorce and Panic Attacks: True Story

I thought that as an adult, I was done with panic attacks. I was cocky, hadn’t had one in years, I was so obviously over them. But when your life is somehow upended, the dormant ways float back to the surface.

Choosing your Fitness Team

I started wondering about the accountability of personal trainers. What if I didn’t tell Tim about my health, followed his diet, and wound up in the hospital?

Motherhood: Is it Worth It?

“So is motherhood worth it?” asks my colleague somewhat skeptically from across the cafeteria table.