Good job on your twenties! You’ve made some bold and brave decisions. Even better, you’ve had some spectacular failures and learned so many things.Continue Reading

She leapt from the shower, cheeks flushed from excitement and warm water. “Why stop with clean hair?” she asked the woman grinning back at her in the hazy mirror. She reached for her mascara wand and brazenly plumped her eyelashes.Continue Reading

There’s a business and accounting acronym that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately—ROI (or Return on Investment). I’m a trained accountant, you see. Which is not the same as a practicing accountant. That is a good example of a bad ROI, actually—my going through all that accounting training whileContinue Reading

not my pre-baby body

In my relatively firm 20s, I wasn’t one to spend hours at the gym and then stare at my naked body in the mirror looking for “problem areas.” Not that I don’t have them. I’ve always had a bit of a Buddha belly, thick thighs, wobbly upper arms. For asContinue Reading