Special Needs Parenting is Exhausting…and I’m Really Tired

He’s become quite the Houdini lately with taking off his diapers—despite them being duck-taped for better security. And his most recent escape was from a diaper full of poop. This is why special needs parenting is emotionally and physically exhausting.

Peloton Lady: I See You

When I first read about the controversy about the latest Peleton commercial, something about it (the story, not the ad) really bothered me.

I Love Spending Time Without My Kids

For my 41st birthday, I ran away from home. I checked into a hotel, drank mimosas next to the pool, took a 30-minute shower, ate breakfast in my bed, and never once turned on the TV. It was blissful.

I Know This is Horrible…But…

Because, I know this is horrible, but… if you aren’t teaching your kids those things, you’re probably raising an a**hole.