It’s Our Anniversary! And We Want to Share Our Favorites!

On June 10, 2016, #RealityMoms launched with an amazing cadre of writers and syndicators supporting us. I said in my holiday post and it bears repeating, #RealityMoms are not breast or bottle, cloth or disposable, helicopter or free-range, PTA mom or hot mess mom—we’re all of that and everything in between. We’re Spanx and makeup just as much as we’re yoga pants with Cheetos in our hair. We’re about kids, toys, relationships, travel, making ends meet, and most of all, we’re about taking care of mom. Because we know that mom is the center of every family unit, and if she’s down, so are we.

It’s been an amazing journey through our first year, and today, as editor, I want to profile a few members of our writing team, and share with you a few of my favorite posts (just in case you missed them).

Sara Robinson has been with us since the beginning. Her site, Get Mom Balanced, is everything that #RealityMoms strives to be – providing creative tips to help busy moms to find harmony in the day to day. One of my favorite posts of Sara’s is How to Grocery Shop with Kids without Losing your Mind: 30 steps to take the stress out of a big shop. She’s got a good understanding of what it’s like to be a real mom and provides some very practical advice.

Joy Hedding of Evil Joy Speaks is a snowboarding mom who tries to find the humor in life’s hardships. Although my daughter is a bit younger than Joy’s I could really relate to her post How Not to Handle Your Daughter’s First Period. It’s so easy to get caught up in the rest of life sometimes that you might miss the important things.

Heather LeRoss of Tipsy Tiaras is that one woman that you want to hang out with at every neighborhood party. She’s part of the sandwich generation, and her syndicated piece I Like My Mom Better When She’s Stoned spoke both with humor and honesty about what it’s like to be raising kids while making sure that your aging parents are taken care of.

When I’m looking at posts by Rhiannon Giles of Rhiyaya, I am always guaranteed two possibilities by the end of my review: I’ll either be laughing a genuine, hearty laugh, or I’ll be crying real tears. She writes heart-wrenching posts about her time spent in the NICU following her son’s premature birth. The #RealityMoms piece that I love the most of hers is also the most viewed post on the site. It’s not a tear-jerker though, it’s a gut buster called Puppy Surprise Is Everything Wrong With Maternity Care in America.

I’ve never met Serendipity Indigo in person, but as we both have our own online personas and love Doctor Who, I’m reasonably certain that when we do we’ll be best of friends. Serendipity is the Mother of Serendipity and I love that she gets just as riled up about things as I do, and she certainly isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Her post that I loved the most covered the Amy Schumer bathing suit controversy: Do Real Women Make Good Cover Girls?

Of all of our writers though, the original #RealityMom, Joey Fortman is one of the most genuine women I have ever had the luxury to meet. She puts her heart and her soul into almost everything she writes and is devoted to lifting other women up. I love that Joey doesn’t shy away from sharing her struggles with post-partum depression (PPD) and I loved her piece I Had PPD Twice…and I Still Want a Third Child.

And really this is just a small selection of my favorites on the site because I can’t say that I’ve ever hit publish on something that didn’t leave me laughing, crying or thinking. We’ve got an amazing team behind us at #RealityMoms, and we’d love to have you join us too. Pop over to find out how to join our syndication team, or apply to become a writer!

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