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#RealityMoms are the Adultiest Adults

There are certainly some days that most of us moms would like to be as carefree and wonderful as our children, but being “responsible” means we can’t – we have to be an adulty adult. We asked our #RealityMoms to describe that moment when they felt like they were truly an adult.

“When I was all alone with my newborn baby was when I felt like a REAL adult. The realization that I had to take care of this little human and that she was MY responsibility was overwhelming.” (Kiley Smith, Cherry Blossoms The Blog)

I started dating my ex-husband at age 15. At 35 we were getting a divorce. I had a good job and was paying to keep the kids in our house (he moved out), paying child and spousal support, plus his legal fees. I was covering everything for the kids, medical dental, daycare, clothes, doctor appointments etc. I was also trying to get a savings account going, for the first time in my life. The day I transferred money in there and saw my balance was $10k, was the day I felt like an adult. I felt powerful and proud.” (Heather LeRoss, (Heather LeRoss, Tipsy Tiaras)

“My first baby ( who is now almost 21) taking him to his very first pediatrician appointment. I was filling out the paperwork and under mothers name I wrote my Mom. I quickly realized that holy cow, I WAS THE MOM NOW!!! I can still laugh when I remember this moment.” (Sara LaFountain, Cook with 5 Kids)

“The night after my son almost died of a seizure and stopped breathing. I remember laying there in the hospital bed with him and holding him tight crying. He had a reaction to his immunizations. I realized that after that ordeal and the fact that he was alive that I can handle and survive anything. He was just nine months old at the time and now he is eight years old. Being a special needs parent is all about strength and it really tests you in motherhood.” (Cheri Voigt, Words Unspoken)

“Taking my oldest son to his pre-school open house, introducing him to the teachers and filling out all of his paperwork. I felt very adult and responsible being like, “Yes, I’m the one you’ll call if he’s sick. Yes, here are all of his records and the documents you need!” (Morgan Starr, Rookie Mom Raising Boys)

“I felt most adulty when I bought tenant and business insurance. One of my best friends is an insurance agent and she helps me be responsible about planning for the future. I know what my insurance covers and I know what my plan is if something bad ever happens. I don’t have to turn in my footie jammies do I?” (Alison Telford, Sparkly Shoes and Sweatdrops)

“For me it happened long before I was a parent or even married. I was ‘babysitting’ my teenage cousins for a week while my aunt and uncle went on a cruise. My cousins were out, doing their thing, when I received a phone call looking for my aunt. My grandpa had a fall and was on the way to the hospital. The hospital had tried contacting several family members but I was the only one they could reach. I ended up going to the hospital and checked my grandpa in. Then I called other aunts and uncles to let them know what had happened. In that moment, I felt like an adult in a way I hadn’t before.” (Denise, Adventures of a Jayhawk Mommy)

“Tonight. When I learned my friend from out of town was home and I had her and her boyfriend over for dinner on a whim. I pulled together a dinner party in two hours, house was presentable, without even breaking a sweat – or checking a recipe. While watching my kids.” (Katie Wadland, EatSleepMomRepeat)

That’s how #RealityMoms are some of the most successful adulty adults out there. How have you #RealityMoms been adulting? Do you remember the first moment you felt like an adulty adult?

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