A Love Letter to My Sons’ Bonus Mom

Hey there,

I wanted to write and thank you. You might not know it, but you’re one of the most important people in my life. Funny huh? Given that we very rarely talk except in text every once in a while, and I can’t recall the last time I saw you in person. I won’t be calling anytime soon either. Which is why I needed to write this letter letting you know how special you are and thanking you.

You’re a woman I never imagined would be in my life when I started my family. You’re also the woman I’m now so grateful is here.

Thank you.

Thank you for showing up.

Thank you for making the choice to open your heart a little more.

Thank you for modeling patience, because we all know that’s not my strong suit.

Thank you for waking a little earlier than you need to so you can pack a lunch.

Thank you for helping with homework.

Thank you for listening to the exciting, the worries, even the mundane with a gentle ear and words of encouragement, praise, and calm. I know there’s a lot of listening, so I thank you for doing it when others might simply tune out.

Thank you for not bad-mouthing me.

Thank you for modeling grace in tough times within the family.

Thank you for being invested, for giving the hugs when I can’t be there.

Thank you for the nights you’ve stayed up with sick tummies, nighttime fears, or stuffy noses.

Thank you for showing up for bingo nights and basketball games.

Thank you for handling doctor’s appointments when your presence is the calming presence requested and needed.

Thank you for laughing, being silly, and bringing joy.

Thank you for the nights spent watching movies, TV shows, or vast array of odd YouTube videos that I just don’t understand.

Thank you for proving that love can come from many different people, in different forms, and that there’s always enough to go around.

Thank you for being you.

You’re more than a step-mother; you’re “mom” to my boys. You’re an influential part of the lives I hold most precious, the boys I care so deeply about it can be physical pain at times.

We’re not a lot alike in many ways but the similarities we share are the most important. We both want goodness for these boys. We both want their lives to be a little bit better than our own. We both care about their futures, their hopes, and goals. We both want to erase the hurts, ease the fears, and celebrate the wins.

It takes a village and I’ll be eternally grateful for the love and kindness you show them. What a beautiful thing we’re giving them by showing them that there’s love after divorce, hearts can open wide enough for more than just family, and that they’re loved and cared for by so many good humans.

This Mother’s Day I want you to know you’re loved, appreciated, and celebrate the awesomeness that having a Bonus Mom can bring.

Thank you for loving my boys.

Our boys.

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