Non Candy Easter Ideas

7 Great Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Ever since I was a little kid getting candy at Easter from the Easter Bunny has been a big part of the Easter holiday.  Fast forward to motherhood and my own little people?  Yeah, candy is produced by the devil. If we get candy, my husband and I always end up eating more than the kids. #JustSayin.

How do you fill the Easter baskets in your house?

The two-player Laser X Gaming Set was a hit in my house. Laser tag is one of our favorite activities and the fact that we can do it in our own home? Great. The boys can get exercise and have fun.

You can plant a Peace Garden from our favorites Creativity for Kids! The set includes a planting tray, color-in liner, potting mix and seeds. Let your little gardener enjoy watching it grow!

Who doesn’t hate the environmental impact of water balloons? Water Wubble has solved that problem with their re-fillable Waterballoon Balls. You don’t have to worry about them clogging up your pool filter or cleaning up your lawn and they’re loads of fun.

Is your kid a big Treehouse fan? Super Wings deliver packages to kids all around the world and their mini-scale transforming figures are the perfect size for your kid’s Easter basket.

And my absolute favorite have got to be the FlipaZoo plush. They’re huggably soft and can change from one animal to another in an instant depending on your child’s mood. They also make fantastic pillows.

Are you looking for some great non-candy ideas for your baby or toddler this Easter? RealityMoms has some great tips for moms, dads, uncles, aunts and grandparents alike.

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