7 Great Gifts for Your Biggest Star Wars Fan

Yes! You all—we got hit hard with a “GIRL MOVIE” last year that rocked everything in stores for the holidays with Frozen and this year?  THE HOLIDAY FORCE IS HERE!  Star Wars opens today and if you’ve been stuck under a rock – you likely won’t be seeing the movie but you MAY have to shop for that Star Wars FAN!

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Jakks Pacific Colassal and Big Figs

Big is the THE BOMB!  Jakks Pacific has these incredible BIG and COLOSSAL figs!  Leave the Mini Figs to LEGO and bring out the BIG DADDY with Jakks Pacific and their life size family of characters!  Collect all the Star Wars figures to recreate your favorite scenes from the films. May the force be with you!

Uncle Milton: Star Wars

Ever wonder if your mind can control other people? Well, it might not control people, but this really fun Star Wars STEM toy from Uncle Milton can help you control can other things! It’s such a cool device that really makes you think!  Literally!  You can MOVE holograms with your mind! There are ten different levels of Force Training.  (Needless to say, my house is still working on the first.)

Spin Master Radio Controlled Millenium Falcon

As someone who struggles with ‘remote control flying’ this is one that I TOTALLY can do!  (If you don’t believe me, just watch my Good Morning America segment with Elliott getting nailed by an Air Hogs product THEN!  Clearly I can do better than that!  This is a great product for any of the flying newbie Star Wars fans out there!


R2-D2 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

If you’re going to be sick, you MIGHT as well have a bad guy near to fight off the bad guys! Ok, so that is what my two-year-old did with our humidifier shaped like Darth. And for anyone fighting kid-sicks? MAY THE MOM-FORCE BE WITH YOU! (There’s also an R2D2 Humidifier if your kid isn’t quite ready for the Dark Side.)


Spin Master Legendary Yoda

I LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY!  We got this super cool product a couple weeks before Thanksgiving and he is my HERO!  Yoda is a legend and I sooo love this dude!  And…NO ONE touches mommy’s little friend.  ha.  In other words, this is one of the four toys that are MINE from this holiday season.  A mom has to have someone to talk to during the day ya know.


30 Piece Hasbro Mr. Potato Head Family

ADORABLE RIGHT???  Mr. Potato Head.  No explanation needed.

OK, what are YOUR favorite finds from Star Wars for the holidays?


This post originally appeared on Real Mom Media on December 17, 2015.

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