Reality Moms Hot Holiday Gift Guide LIVE on Fox 29 Philly

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  By the way, I am CRAZY thankful for your support at Reality Moms. We try every day to bring our real mom perspective to remind us all that it’s ok to be in chaos. Parenting is not easy. Our goal at Reality Moms is to bring reality to everything motherhood. You know. The GOOD. The BAD. And the funny.

And…. today I have to remind myself that. ha.

Words can NOT describe the morning of insanity that ensued on Fox 29 in Philly this a.m. My family is on the verge of moving to San Francisco and it’s such a bittersweet feeling knowing I won’t be *playing* with my Fox 29 friends after the move. So I brought them ALL with me!  Even my husband was hiding in the wings. I’ll have to make it a point just to come back to do some fun play with Jennaphr Frederick. Ahem. Without my kids. ha! (Which, by the way, if you don’t know Jenn outside of watching her on Fox, she is one of the kindest, most patient women I’ve ever met!  And? She is so freaking talented. This awesome lady has given me so many opportunities over the years and I’m so grateful to her for allowing me to be *me* in a world that isn’t always so easy: Eh. Like getting your own kids to chill on tv.)  OMG.

If you caught our Toy Box Boys show on Reality Moms last week you likely noticed my attempt at keeping my cool with my kids as they seriously climbed the walls. I was terrified that would happen again but gave them a 2nd chance. Boston is a very media trained kid. (He should be! GMA, Today and about 50 other times on tv! Not that I’m mom-bragging or anything. hee hee.)  But Hudson? He is a 4 year old in true form. But I love them. Right? ha

Anyway, I’m sleep deprived, mortified & satisfied. (My kid ate brussel sprouts. I can NOT even believe it.) Enough of my up at 5am mom babble. Time to get on with the show!

The first segment was about Black Friday and great toy deals. Some of the deals we talked about were Nerf on sale at Target and Kohl’s. (Grab $95 blasters for only $45!)  Target has a great BOGO (buy one get one) deal with quite a few popular toy brands. I shared the Imaginext DC Superfriends Bat Bot Xtreme & Little Live Pets Cuddles ‘My Dream Kitten’.

Other playful products great for Black Friday – GAMES!  Target has a Black Friday 50% off sale happening on games. Some of my faves? Soggy Doggy. Squawk. And the blow up dude game called…wait for it…. WHO’S THE DUDE? Hysterical and brilliant at the same time!  It’s charades with a blow up dude. Simple right?

Segment two. My 9 year old ate brussel sprouts.

Oh. And we played some more. lol At this point everyone was ready to take a nap after eating all day but not mine!  Let’s PLAY!

What did we show?

We broke it down for big kids, little kids and middle kids. Little Tikes 2-in-1 Food Truck. Um. Sooo freaking cute!  The Kid Trax Custom Coupe that normally is $150 but on sale Black Friday for $89 at Target & Kohl’s. LOVE how you can customize your own car for boys and girls. Retro games from Basic Fun. Find It, a HUGE family favorite by Endless Games. Soundmoovz is super awesome. A great way to get families to ‘band’ together. With over 400 different sounds to choose from. (Psst. Regular $70 – grab it at $40 at Target & Kohl’s for Black Friday!)  Also, I didn’t get the full details in as I wasn’t sure we had time but the Creative Halo bluetooth speaker is the bomb. My 9 year old is in love with it!  It’s like a light show in a box. So fun. Last but not least is the Nomad Key Charger. This is PERFECT for the 16 year old who swears his phone died so he couldn’t call mom.  Ahem. It’s the part of a charger that is usually the most annoying with cords too!  Pop it on a keychain and all they have to do if find the port. EVERY where has charging ports these days!

Enough of me. Let’s watch and see!




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