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The Firsts That Come in the Tween Years

As our kids grow, the firsts come less frequently and the time stretched between them lengthen. We don't celebrate the later milestones.

Children Are Meant to be Unfinished

I have to fight the urge to “fix” my daughter, fight the desire to change who she is. Because children are meant to be unfinished.
i want the village

I Want You in my Village, But Not Too Much

The village can be judgemental - If you are too hands-on you’re a helicopter mom; if you let your son or daughter roam you’re reckless and negligent.

#EpicParentingFail: How Not to Handle Your Daughter’s First Period

I'd been preparing for YEARS when my daughter had her first period. You would have thought I would have been ready for the main event.

5 Things to Ask Your Teens and Tweens after Incredibles 2

We finally watched the new Incredibles 2 movie with our family, and I was surprised at the conversations and insights my teens and tweens had into the film.

Gym Clothes and Participation Trophies

Take your kids something they forgot, you are not teaching them responsibility. Help with homework, you are a Tiger Mom. Go overboard on a school project, you’re doing it to make yourself look good....

The Firsts That Come in the Tween Years

In motherhood, there are so many “firsts” that take your breath away. That first time your baby laughs. The first steps a toddler takes to your outstretched arms. The first time your son takes...
diet with tweens

What I Want My Tweens to Know About Dieting

Earlier this year, I visited my doctor for my annual exam. My lab reports were stellar, but apparently, I put on a few pounds in my middle. According to her, I am in a healthy,...