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Gym Clothes and Participation Trophies

Recently my daughter forgot her gym clothes. I know. Tweens and their irresponsibility. Except, she mentioned all weekend that she needed to do her laundry. She’s 12 and part of her household chores is managing the washing, drying, folding and putting away of her clothing. She mentioned it a few times, and in each instance I replied: “Okay, no problem. You can do it as soon as I switch my stuff out.” “Do you want me to move it?” she asked. “No, no. I want to make sure everything is…

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The Firsts That Come in the Tween Years

In motherhood, there are so many “firsts” that take your breath away. That first time your baby laughs. The first steps a toddler takes to your outstretched arms. The first time your son takes the school bus or your daughter learns how to ride a bike. When I reflect on these moments my heart feels full. As our kids grow, the “firsts” come less frequently and the time stretched between them lengthen. Instead of celebrating a new milestone, the goal becomes surviving another Monday shuttling your kids to piano, soccer,…

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What I Want My Tweens to Know About Dieting

Earlier this year, I visited my doctor for my annual exam. My lab reports were stellar, but apparently, I put on a few pounds in my middle. According to her, I am in a healthy, normal weight range, but she advised me to be aware that since I am in my forties and perhaps my metabolism is slowing down, I may want to start watching what I eat a little bit more. She mentioned phrases like “hormonal shifts” and “pre-menopausal”, but in the end, she flatly exclaimed:“I don’t want to see…

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