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7 Great Ways For Your Teen to Relieve Stress

Anxiety, stress, and depression are normal and valid feelings in today’s landscape.  How can we help our teens to reduce stress and conflict?

Going the Distance

Side by side, we’ll walk home, shadowy branches swaying gently overhead, their claws finger painting the constellation of a runner darting across the sky.

I Know 13 is Weird

I know 13 is weird. I know some changes are happening at warp speed and some are taking their sweet time.

My Baby’s Growing Up

My baby is growing up. She’s gone from napping to texting, walking to playing club sports, learning to eat solid foods to cooking dinner for our family.

Learning to Deal with Teen Anger

Anger is a typical, healthy emotional response to outside stressors. How do we help our teens feel anger without going overboard?
High school student

Letter to My Daughter on her First Day of High School

Dear Daughter, Tomorrow you start high school and I couldn't be more excited for you. There are a few things I'd like to share with you before you go...

How to Survive Prom Dress Shopping

Spring is here and with it the time-honored mother/daughter prom dress shopping expedition. An entire day of bonding—what could be better?

35 Ways to Embarrass Your Teen

Warning: Do not embarrass your teen with these techniques at home. These stunts were performed by an untrained teen parent, and they did not go well.

How Do You Survive Teen Parenting?

I've got a tween and a teen, and I'm terrified. I asked my fellow #RealityMoms what I'm looking at over the next few years. They didn't pull any punches.