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Parenting Through Anxiety

Summer sports, camps, trips, boredom, and crafts take over my world, space, and mind. I find myself spinning in circles some days.

How to Put Down Your Devices and Be More Present

A study found 40% of people felt ignored by a relative whose attention was entirely on their smartphone. Here's how to ensure your kids don't feel this way.

Teens, Tech, and Money: Gaining Control of those Mystery Charges

When they were still bitties, my boys spent $250 on Smurf berries. They had no idea they were spending real money—and neither did we until our credit card statement showed up.

REALITY MOMS PARTNER: New Wireless Plan for Families

Can you believe it? For the last ten years, I have never switched wireless phone plans! I know. I know. A lot has changed in ten years and there’s a lot more out there now. When...

MyRxProfile App – Your New Best Friend

No joke—the MyRxProfile App may just be your new best friend! No one likes being sick. In the busy world that we live in today, we also do not have TIME to be sick! That...
being a good digital parent when your tween gets a smartphone

#RealityMom Challenge: Being a Good Digital Parent

I’ve written a lot about digital parenting but I was still rather shocked when my daughter opened her first smartphone at Christmas and had a text from Santa’s Twerkshop. The unexpected issues and curveballs of digital...