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Coming To Terms With My Son’s Genetic Condition

Parenting a child with a special need means learning how to separate fear from love; they are so intimately bound together in a parent’s heart. Every single day is born with hope for ease of pain or illness while dread tiptoes closely behind that hope, reminding one that health is a fragile state that can be knocked away in seconds. Like any other mother, I often found myself saying, “I just want a healthy baby,” during my first pregnancy. Everything about my pregnancy was average and expected. It never occurred…

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What You Need to Know About Lactation Donation

Rowan was born just under the concern-threshold for both age and weight for many complications of prematurity. The cut off for many issues is 32 weeks and/or 1500 grams. Rowan was 31 weeks 5 days, and 1446 grams. Not that issues don’t happen after that line, just they had to draw a line somewhere. And obviously younger, smaller babies are more likely to have these complications. Aside from brain bleeds, Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) is one of the biggest complications seen in premature infants. It’s the one that makes providers sweat….

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10 Things No One Told Me About The NICU

During my two-week ante-partum hospital stay, I had plenty of time to read every top ten preemie/NICU list I could get my hands on. The NICU experience is vast and varied, and there is no list that will fit everyone. The realities of being a micro-preemie mom are different than that of a full-term baby and are different than that of a baby with a life-threatening condition, no matter the gestational age. So here is mine, from the point of view of a mother of a 31-week feeder and grower:…

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