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Hello Spring Break Vacation: I Need You More Than My Kids

Spring Break can’t get here soon enough. Sure, it’s a break from school for the kids. But we parents need this break too. I am counting down the days until our family can board the plane and getaway to somewhere warm and sunny. I honestly think that I need a vacation this Spring Break more than my family does. Anyone else with me? Winter this year has been weird with lots of ups and downs. The weather could seriously use a Prozac with snow and ice one week and then…

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Lazy Mom’s Guide to the Perfect Staycation

Although both my kids are in school, it seems like every few weeks they have holidays. Sometimes it’s just a day or two, but then they have two recesses every school term. As much as we love to travel and do fun things, we are not Ri¢hie Ri¢h’s parents. And yes, I am a stay-at-home-mom, but I’m not a cruise director.  So, rather than view every school break as a great opportunity to visit all the local museums (and in NYC, that alone could occupy weeks), or explore whatever other…

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How to Make Spring Break Feel Like Summer

Next week is SPRING BREAK! Are you ready? And if you’re going something warm and tropical – TAKE ME!!!! ha. I know I just got back from an island in Florida – but HELLO – I’m obsessed with SUN AND FUN! OBSESSED is an understatement! This morning I hung out at my kids preschool and talked all kinds of awesome for spring break. The first segment – Things You Can Do Over Spring Break with your Kids that FEEL Like Summer! This was a LOT of fun. But honestly, PURE…

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