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The Harder Days of Being a Special Needs Mom

When you have a child with significant special needs, your parenting experience is forever altered, and you are changed.

Elopement Disaster Averted

Elopement is a terrifying word for a parent of a child with autism, and even more so for parents of children who lack verbal skills.

In Offense of the Word “Tard”

If it’s not retarded, it might be "short bus" or even a word so seemingly benign as “special”. But make no mistake—there’s no love behind these words.

Each Year, When She Goes to School, I Am THAT Mom

Each year when I send my daughter off to her first day of school, it hurts. Like physically, in my gut, hurts. My breathing feels shallow. My heart seems to skip beats.

Parenting a Child with Invisible Special Needs

I hear all the time how “normal” my son seems and looks of surprise when people meet him. I worry about him because his special needs are almost invisible.

Recognizing the Beauty of ADHD is Harder Than You Think

Parenting a child with ADHD can feel a bit like you’re walking in the dark—you tiptoe around, unsure of what you will come up against. Sometimes you may say or do something to set...

My Special Needs Daughter is Not Invisible: Please Treat Her Like a Person

I spent yet another day at the doctor's office trying to convince the staff that my daughter is not invisible just because she has special needs.

Showing the World What My Daughter is Capable Of

I will be her biggest cheerleader. I will not stop until everyone can truly see her. This is what it means to be a special needs parent.

Forget Report Cards: This Is What Really Matters

Forget report cards. No grade can measure who my daughter truly is. She is so far beyond "outstanding" in every way to those who know and love her.

Food Might Be My Son’s Kryptonite

Even with sensory processing disorder, my son is mostly a typically weird and weirdly typical kid. Except for food. It might be his kryptonite.