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The Harder Days of Being a Special Needs Mom

When you have a child with significant special needs, your parenting experience is forever altered, and you are changed.

Parenting a Child with Invisible Special Needs

I hear all the time how “normal” my son seems and looks of surprise when people meet him. I worry about him because his special needs are almost invisible.

Showing the World What My Daughter is Capable Of

I will be her biggest cheerleader. I will not stop until everyone can truly see her. This is what it means to be a special needs parent.

I Know This is Horrible…But…

Because, I know this is horrible, but… if you aren’t teaching your kids those things, you’re probably raising an a**hole.

Coming To Terms With My Son’s Genetic Condition

Parenting a child with a special need means learning how to separate fear from love; they are so intimately bound together in a parent’s heart. Every single day is born with hope for ease...

Discrimination: My Son Can Hear You

When it comes to them and their special needs, nothing sets off a special needs mom like discrimination. In school, I worry children will not accept them for who they are. In the world,...