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The Ugly Reality of Parenthood

On any given day, I go through such a range of emotions when it comes to my children that it makes my head spin. Love, happiness, anger, elation, pride, discouragement, worry, and then some.

Why My Facebook Posts are All Sweetness and Sunshine

Facebook is a lot like how I imagine quicksand to be. If you tread lightly, you are fine, but if you linger a little too long you start to get sucked in.

Social Media is Forever…But…

I constantly remind my children that what they post to social media will be there forever. Forever and ever. Amen.

We’re All Responsible For Raising Kids To Be Good People

How do you raise your kids to be good people? Reality Moms writer Mia Carella discusses raising kids during uncertain times.

6 Reasons You’ll Have To Pry Social Media From My Cold, Dead Hands

My social feed is FULL of people who have decided to take a "break" from social media "for their mental health." I call bull$hit.

Flipping the Script on Facebook’s “How Hard Did Aging Hit You?”

The latest trend I’ve seen on Facebook is to post your first profile picture side-by-side with your current photo under the guise, “How hard did aging hit you?”

Parenting Done Right in the Age of Social Media

After seeing social media posts a boy at school made, my daughter decided she wasn’t interested in him, and she wanted to talk to me about it.

When Facebook Reminds Me I’m a Crappy Mom

On some days, my Facebook Memories seem to suggest that I am crappy mom. On others, I am awesome. Facebook tells me that too.

What Does It Mean To Hold Space for One Another

When you think you're holding space for someone and you're preoccupied with something else, you're really not holding space.

3 Things Not To Do On Periscope

Are you on Periscope? You TOTALLY should be! This year I have set myself up for a big, fat, slap of reality. Reality in every direction of my life. From family to friends, business,...