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10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Goodwill Shopping

Looking for more variety, more unique and special items, than the shelves of your department store has to offer? Try Goodwill!

My New Black Friday Tradition

I refuse to do the traditional Black Friday shopping this year. I've had it with the lines, the shoving, and especially the parking lot rage.

REALITY MOMS PARTNER: Feed Your Family from the Couch

This is a sponsored post from our partner, Walmart. There is this part of motherhood that you will never understand until you physically become one. The situations you get in are totally different as...

Tips for Shopping the Humane and Healthy Way

There is a ton of information on the web about organic products, grass-fed beef vs grain fed, having too many hormones and antibiotics in meat and dairy, and buying chickens that have been raised...

The Science of Black Friday Shopping

There’s this thing we do as a family. We approach it in a scientific manner. Research is done and comparisons are charted and documented. A route is developed, a driver and vehicle assigned, and...