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Must Love Chickens

I can pinpoint the hour and minute I fell in love with Gabe. We’d been dating only a short time, and it was easy and comfortable and SO MUCH fun. Still, I didn’t want a serious relationship with anyone because I was still processing the end of my marriage to my ex-husband Billy, and everything that went along with that. A relationship with Gabe was further complicated by the fact that we’d been friends for nearly fifteen years. Loving anyone felt risky, and loving Gabe especially so. To avoid that,…

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Divorce: This is How We Do It

Mid-divorce or post-divorce life with your ex doesn’t have to be ugly. This past May, as the officiant welcomed guests to my wedding, I stole a glance at the first row where, sandwiched between our two daughters, my ex-husband sat smiling at me. Noting his presence with an awkward stare and crazed looks in their eyes, some baffled attendees whispered to me, “Ummmm…you are aware that your ex is here, right?” The expectation when a couple goes through a divorce is that the hatred between the two parties should multiply…

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