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Potty Training: When It Feels Like it Will Never End

When we started our potty training journey with my son, I thought that starting early, well before kindergarten was a good idea...

Why Do They Want Me to Watch them Poop?

Why in the world do they want me to watch them poop? Most people like privacy when they are using the commode, but my three kids, they prefer an audience. AND not just your...
potty training

Just Don’t Pee on the Wall!

While I thought that while potty training might take a little time, teaching one tiny human to pee in the toilet can’t be that hard, right?
potty training

Five Tips for Potty Training Success

You know the feeling you get when you are on a road trip with your family and your kids ask, “are we there yet?” for the billionth time? Well, that is basically the feeling...