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BBC Dad: Why is Parenthood Considered at Odds with Professionalism?

Much had been made of the scene depicted on the BBC video of an interview with Robert Kelly. Speculation about how Robert pushes his daughter away, without even looking at her. Why doesn’t he just pick up the child? Or politely tell the interviewer, “Excuse me,” and direct the child to leave. And why is the wife so panicked? Her demeanor of terror suggested to some that she was the hired help, instead of the mother of the interrupting munchkins. I’m sure in hindsight, he wishes he would have handled…

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Babies Provide a Horrible ROI

There’s a business and accounting acronym that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately—ROI (or Return on Investment). I’m a trained accountant, you see. Which is not the same as a practicing accountant. That is a good example of a bad ROI, actually—my going through all that accounting training while never collecting any of the accountant-as-profession benefits that should come with it. An example of good ROI is your sticking around for the rest of this essay. And not just because I’m going to better explain Return on Investment so…

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