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Movie Review: The Arrival with Amy Adams

Movies move people when they are great.  And as one who use to love to watch movies often, I have been moved often by what I’ve seen.  Motherhood slowed my movie watching down outside of the movies meant for kids so getting to experience a movie before it even hits theaters is often a treat! Last week, I hosted a show at Movie Tavern in Flourtown, Pennsylvania and I honestly have not stopped thinking about this movie ever sinse!  Amy Adams has been seen in some pretty incredible blockbusters in…

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We Fight Our Battles Together

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. If I am being honest, my daughter came into this world pushing me away. She was independent from the moment she was born. Sure, she relied on me for food and a diaper change, but rarely for affection. I have always needed her more than she has needed me. She is an introspective person, born an old soul. She seems to take great pleasure telling me what she thinks I am doing wrong—constantly reminding me that we MUST be…

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7 Great Gifts for Your Biggest Star Wars Fan

Yes! You all—we got hit hard with a “GIRL MOVIE” last year that rocked everything in stores for the holidays with Frozen and this year?  THE HOLIDAY FORCE IS HERE!  Star Wars opens today and if you’ve been stuck under a rock – you likely won’t be seeing the movie but you MAY have to shop for that Star Wars FAN! Yup. We are THAT family! #Halloween2015 #thatfamily #halloween #StarWars #eagles #philly A post shared by Joey Fortman (@joeyfortman) on Oct 31, 2015 at 2:50pm PDT   Jakks Pacific Colassal…

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