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Whoever Said ‘Mother Hen’ Got it Wrong

As a young girl, I never felt the pull to motherhood. I assumed I would have a family but I never played dolls or spent my days babysitting. In fact, the first diaper I ever changed was my own daughter’s. Now, I am not a bad mother in the least. I love my children and I care and nurture them. I can be dragged to play every now and then and frequently tell myself that my encouragements of “go play by yourself” are creating independence in my kids, not neglect….

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I Am Doing My Absolute Best

So many books, articles, and new studies are telling parents what we’re doing wrong in raising our children, and I for one am really sick of it. I am not a perfect mum. Some days I am a $*%t mum. I sometimes shout, I use ‘time out’ when I just don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t always ‘come down to their level’ when I speak to them and when I am in a rush I don’t have time to give them ‘options’. I may be a bad mum…

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How I Failed to Ruin my Son

Jonathan, my middle child, graduated from high school this month. Like millions of moms this graduation season, I wiped the tears from my eyes while scratching my head, wondering where the time had gone. He’s 6’3,” 190 pounds but it seems like yesterday he was climbing into my bed to snuggle because he was afraid of a thunderstorm. In my mind, he should still be dressing up as Darth Vader for Halloween or hunting Easter eggs in the backyard. But those days are long gone. Instead of a bright-eyed inquisitive…

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