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Hey Jealousy: Longing for the Good Life

Our friends just bought a beach house and I am so jealous I can’t see straight. I can’t even talk about it without becoming instantly grouchy. It’s petty and unbecoming and true. Apparently, I desperately want a beach house. This is surprising because until now, I’ve been vaguely anti-beach house. I’ve ranted about maintenance hassles and being tied down to one vacation spot. I believe beach houses drain bank accounts and trying to recoup that money by renting brings wear and tear and strangers in your bed. A beach house…

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I Am Not My Son’s Favorite Parent

“I want daddy.” My breath catches in my throat. “Really? You don’t want me to give you a bath?” My voice cracks. “No, I want Daddy for bath. Daddy, give mommy [Little Bird],” my older son insists. Sigh. “I’ll give him his bath,” my husband acquiesces and hands me the baby. I watch as my almost three-year-old ambles over to the bathroom, where I usually need to drag him. I’ve always been the one to put him to bed, only relinquishing it to my husband on the rare occasion I’m…

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