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Committing to Myself: I’m Going To Lose Weight

I’m fat. I hate it and sometimes I hate my body. But I’m done feeling this way. I'm committing to myself. I'm going to lose weight.

Saying Goodbye to my Goal Pants

My goal pants are toxic, and a dream that is not really mine, but one forced on me by what society says I should want.

Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Tips for Staying Safe

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Take care of yourself and protect you and those you love from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

A Jab in the Arm: Get Your Flu Shot Now!

Although we’ve come a long way from the years when these types of illnesses could wipe out whole cities, the flu is still deadly serious. Get your flu shot!

We Take Vaccination for Granted…and We Shouldn’t

Having volunteered with Shot@Life for the past several years, I know it’s possible that we may eradicate polio in our lifetime.