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Orlando: Toddler Travel Tips

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney, but this time, when we went to visit Orlando with our toddlers, we wanted to try something different.
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Savings is Only One Reason to Stay On-Site at Disney

I've done both - and I must say, I recommend that you stay on-site at Disney for your family vacation and cost isn't the only reason.
disney social media moms 2015

Walt Disney World Annual Passes are Worth Every Penny!

We headed to the happiest place on earth every time our daughters were off school. We continually got the “you’re going to Disney AGAIN?!” question, but we didn’t care.

Florida Keys Winter Warm-Up

Anyone who knows me me knows one thing for certain, I’m meant to live in a warm climate. Seriously, bless my Nordic ancestors for coming this far south, but why didn’t anyone keep on...