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Helping Kids Cope with Separation and Divorce

When spouses decide to go separate ways, one of their main concerns becomes the well-being of their children. Whether your divorce was amicable or acrimonious, the truth is, you’ll need some coping mechanisms as well. By helping your child deal with the new turn of events, you’ll be healing yourself too. Sometimes the only thing that keeps us going is making others happy and healthy and working to understand and accept the situation. Here are some tips on how to reach a fine line between the fun methods and serious…

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When Facebook Reminds Me I’m a Crappy Mom

I sit at my kitchen counter with papers scattered end to end, working feverishly on a chapter of a book I am editing for a client. Behind me, my three daughters eat a dinner comprised of leftover chicken nuggets, store-bought mashed potatoes warmed in our microwave and the ever-so-healthy, freezer-burned corn I found underneath some ice cream—because I still believe it’s a vegetable, and my kids deserve a balanced diet. It’s not the meal I wanted to prepare for them but a publisher moved up a deadline by three days…

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