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How Not to Talk to Your Kid About Money #Ad

I know that title is a bit deceiving, but after reading Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not) by Beth Kobliner I learned more about the things I was saying wrong than right! I don’t want you to focus on what you’re saying and doing wrong but more about ways to learn how to do it right. Beth Kobliner gives very insightful “teachable moments” for parents on how to really give your kids the knowledge they will need going into their little lives starting at three years…

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7 Ways to Make Your Kid a Money Genius #Ad

The thought of making my kids money genius is so foreign to me.  I mean, ask my husband if you want to know the truth. Growing up my mother showed me how to balance a checkbook but outside of that? I was on my own. And if I want to put it all out there to prove that my money thinking didn’t come out genius as a kid? I racked up crazy credit card debt in college. We’re talking thousands in credit card debt. Now, as a mother, my fear…

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