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Why My Facebook Posts are All Sweetness and Sunshine

Facebook is a lot like how I imagine quicksand to be. If you tread lightly, you are fine, but if you linger a little too long you start to get sucked in.

6 Reasons You’ll Have To Pry Social Media From My Cold, Dead Hands

My social feed is FULL of people who have decided to take a "break" from social media "for their mental health." I call bull$hit.

Flipping the Script on Facebook’s “How Hard Did Aging Hit You?”

The latest trend I’ve seen on Facebook is to post your first profile picture side-by-side with your current photo under the guise, “How hard did aging hit you?”

What I Learned When I Posted on My Senator’s Facebook Page

Today, I left a brief comment on a Facebook post by my Senator complimenting him on one topic and asking what he plans to do about another, both related to his initial post. Within...