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Science Says: Early School Starts are Unhealthy

When my alarm goes off in the morning, I fumble around in the pitch dark to turn it off and then lie very still so that I can listen for sounds in the house. A few small noises from down the hall let me know that my daughter is up and going. As my feet hit the floor, I exhale a small sigh of relief that she rousted herself out of bed without help. I walk downstairs, wiping the sleep out of my eyes so that I can clearly admire…

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The Reality Of Missing School And Chronic Absenteeism

For many of us school really just started – and not a moment too soon! I know you know exactly what I am talking about. That small celebration that goes on in your head after the school shopping is done and you cry a few tears after dropping them off for their first day back. FREEDOM. Even if just for a little while. Or maybe you are like me and you had one more quick trip, that was work related, but also meant a quick and fun vacation for the…

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