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Touring Universities Near and Far

My oldest child, my baby, is touring universities. It’s not possible for him to be preparing to leave home in just fifteen short months. College tours started last summer with Madison, Wisconsin. Followed by Montana State, Iowa State, and University of Minnesota is right around the corner. North Dakota State University, University of Seattle, University of Iowa…all of these potential next ‘homes’ for my baby. I suppose at this point I should stop calling my football playing, taller and bigger than I am, legal driver a baby. He’s a young…

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I’m Not Ready for an Empty Nest

For seventeen years all I have known is Motherhood. From the moment my firstborn was placed on my chest in the hospital, every other thing in this world became less important, including myself. I fell into Motherhood with ease, I legitimately enjoyed every single minute of it. I am not saying it was easy—because there were days in which I felt lost, alone and terrified I was in charge of a little human being. Many. Many. Days. Regardless, I loved/love being a Mom. Before you judge me, I am not…

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