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Navigating The Summer Before College

If your daughter is heading to college next fall, you're probably in the same place I was last year. It was my daughter's last summer before college.

Money Management 101 for College Kids

Of all the things I wish they taught in school, I wish there were a better understanding of budgeting and debt. I graduated high school with a ton of bad advice on establishing a...

5 Tips for the Senior Mom from a Mom Who’s Been There

Now it's Senior Year and at times it's going to feel like you won't make it through. Of course we will! (This is my second time so I know it's doable).  
preparing for an empty nest

7 Ways I’m Preparing for an Empty Nest

Before the kids have moved out completely, I've decided to try to start preparing for an empty nest - when it's just my husband and me at home.

Don’t Wait Until High School is Over to Start Planning for College!

I'm starting planning for college now. I'm shopping for what he needs now. We're researching with him where he can save money...and where I can as well.

College Admissions Craziness: What I Want My Teen to Know

The college admissions scandal is prompting a lot of discussions - including the one I'm having with my high school junior.

My Kid Went to University and I’m Not a Mess

My child went away to university and I’m completely fine. Yes, I miss him. I most certainly am excited for the next time I see him. But I’m not sad. I’m okay.

Essential Tips for College Freshman

Success in college isn't some grand event that happens overnight. It's developed every day, little by little. It's more an evolution than revolution.