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Puppy Surprise Is Everything Wrong With Maternity Care in America

I recently found myself wrist-deep in a dog’s uterus. (Editor’s note: Brace yourself. There’s a graphic photo below.) You see, my daughter had her sights set on one toy this Christmas. She talked about it nonstop for months. In her sprawling first grade handwriting, she wrote Santa a letter. She even drew a picture, in case he had trouble reading her words, “I want a rainbow Puppy Surprise.” Have you seen these things? Friends tell me they have existed off and on for years but appear to have made a…

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7 Ways Divorce is Like Childbirth

I’ve never considered myself to be an overly strong person. I have good qualities, but fortitude has never really one of them. The two experiences in my life that have shown me that I am stronger than I think am: childbirth and divorce. And when you think about it, those two processes have a lot of similarities. 7 Ways Divorce is Like Childbirth 1. Each birth and each divorce experience is unique.Moms who have more than one child often say that their pregnancies were radically different. Just as each pregnancy…

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