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Discrimination: My Son Can Hear You

When it comes to them and their special needs, nothing sets off a special needs mom like discrimination. In school, I worry children will not accept them for who they are. In the world, I have to teach them about fairness and how to accept what you can’t change. Never did I feel like I would have to teach them about discrimination within my town. This is an open letter to anyone who has ever made fun of or treated another with special abilities differently. To Whom it May Concern:…

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The Words She Keeps

I was in eighth grade when I overheard a group of boys discussing their female classmates in the library. I sat frozen in a cubby desk hidden from their view. I attempted to finish a make-up vocabulary test, but my focus disappeared as I listened to their words. “The new girl is cute, but a little chubby. Sometimes she is pretty, but other days, I don’t know.” I felt the young man’s words cut through my skin and consume my thoughts. I looked down at my thighs and noticed their…

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