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Navigating The Summer Before College

If your daughter is heading to college next fall, you're probably in the same place I was last year. It was my daughter's last summer before college.

My Baby is a Worrier: She Gets it From Me

I’ve spent an enormous amount of mental energy forging routes around fear; taking the long way to avoid those scary woods.  It’s an exhausting and isolated path, full of its own obstacles and lacking...

Parenting Through Anxiety

Summer sports, camps, trips, boredom, and crafts take over my world, space, and mind. I find myself spinning in circles some days.

I’ll Never Be Invited to a Neighborhood Party Again

I have anxiety about partying with folks I don’t know well, so when the invitation to the neighborhood party came, my anxiety (and awkwardness) came out.

Food Might Be My Son’s Kryptonite

Even with sensory processing disorder, my son is mostly a typically weird and weirdly typical kid. Except for food. It might be his kryptonite.

If You’re Terrified, Do It Anyway!

I’m terrified. Those words have passed my lips in regards to getting on a plane, working with people I’ve never met, walking to my car in the dark...

I Went Off My Medication…and I’m Not Doing Well

I finally went off my medication after months of wanting to wean. I have longed to be free from the medication, but I don't know if I can make it.

Curiosity or Anxiety?

My daughter needed to know what’s happening, when. Change of plans agitated her; then she’d wonder what if it doesn’t go as planned? What if something goes wrong? Or if plans did change—why? What...

Get to Calm (And to Sleep) Fast

Last night there was no sleep to be had; I simply could not shut my mind up. You know that feeling when you wake up like a shot, mind alert, heart pounding? It’s not...