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Dear Mom and Dad (A Letter from Your ADHD Kid)

The first day of school has just passed. You adjusted my IEP at the end of last year and requested that I get the teacher who also has a son with ADHD.

Recognizing the Beauty of ADHD is Harder Than You Think

Parenting a child with ADHD can feel a bit like you’re walking in the dark—you tiptoe around, unsure of what you will come up against. Sometimes you may say or do something to set...

He Didn’t Want to Take The Pills…So I Lied

My son didn't want to take the pills, but despite my reservations, I lied and told him they were safe. And because I am his mom, he believed me.

Using an IEP Binder for Learning and Attention Issues

Organizing an IEP binder with your child’s evaluation reports, IEP, report cards and other paperwork may sound like a lot of work...but it's not.

My Kids Take Melatonin: Don’t Judge Me

My children take melatonin. Every. Single. Night. We refer to their nightly doses as their “meds.” As in, “Are you ready to brush your teeth, or do you still need your meds?”

My Son Thinks I Don’t Care

My son wouldn’t meet my eyes but I could see the tears in his, “It doesn’t matter,” he said. But I heard him, it did matter.

Finding Gifts for Fidgety Kids That Go Beyond Spinners

Everyone has sensory needs, preferences, and aversions that are entirely their own. Sensory processing describes how each of us uses all eight* of our senses to experience and interpret the world. (*That’s not a...
Accepting Adhd

This Year Things Will Be Different: Accepting ADHD

It’s about to get real again. Life that is. School is right around the corner and that means my “real” full-time job is about to begin; helping my 13-year-old son who has Attention Deficit...

I Don’t Understand My Child

It was late. I was the kind of tired where it felt like even my blood was dragging slowly through me, exhausted from working to keep me going. My eyes were heavy, my head...